If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more. Forrester estimates that on minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated. Use of video is rapidly growing in the advertising, marketing and SEO world. Statistics show that customers like video, use video and remember video. Video already makes up more than half of all internet traffic. Also, a website that has a video on its landing pages is much more likely to engage the customer, they will stay on the site longer and are more likely to take action. The use of video on a website is 2-fold. First it can boost the site’s ranking in search engines. An optimized video can show up as a search result boosting traffic to the website. Secondly a video will communicate more information to the consumer than pages of written text.
Video is becoming more affordable as technology improves and simplifies requirements for shooting and editing. Video is now affordable even for small businesses. It doesn’t have to be “broadcast” quality as views have become accustom to self-made videos via mediums like YouTube. Video can be as simple as stringing together still photos to following a project from beginning to end. If you have wanted to do a video for your website but haven’t believed you could afford it, call Drkm Strategies to discuss affordable videos. Also, take some time to view some videos we have done for clients below.

JetStream Outdoor Cooling as featured on Designing TX

This was in connection with a new construction project at The Hills of Kingswood in the heart of Frisco, Texas.
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Southwest Shade Solutions

This video illustrates how screens can be added to an existing space to shield you from the sun, and wind up to 50 mph!
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Home Remodeling Company

Miland Home Construction is based in DFW and serves North Texas with kitchen and bathroom remodeling and room additions.
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Door Works New Construction Cedar Wood Garage Door Installation

Video shows the hardware being added, and the door panels being assembled and connected.
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